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# My Idea : Tips Temuduga - Memberikan Tanggapan Hebat Yang Pertama

Interview Tips: Making a Great First Impression

Sepanjang pengalaman menemuduga calon lepasan universiti dan kolej untuk jawatan Executive, ada beberapa perkara yang mencuri tumpuan, bertepatan dengan artikel di bawah yang dipetik dari Jobstreet 

  1. Ada calon yang langsung tidak membuat persediaan untuk temuduga. Ada yang gagal menjawab soalan dengan betul atau hampir betul tentang latar belakang syarikat yang dipohon dan produk yang disediakan.
  2. Ada calon yang gagal memberikan tanggapan yang sepatutnya apabila ditanya tentang hala tuju kerjaya (jika dipilih) dan kenapa memilih syarikat tersebut sebagai kerjaya pilihan.
  3. Ada calon terutama lelaki gagal berpenampilan yang sepatutnya ketika menghadiri temuduga. Ada yang hanya mengenakan pakaian seperti seluar jeans dan kemeja lengan pendek tanpa tali leher.
  4. Ada calon yang tidak pasti kenapa memilih kerjaya tersebut dan sekadar ingin mencuba.
  5. Ada calon yang gagal mengaplikasikan apa yang dipelajari di universiti apabila teragak-agak dan tidak mampu menjawab soalan asas. Contohnya calon berkelulusan Degree In Marketing. Ada yang tidak dapat menghurai asas pemasaran, mencetuskan idea dan mengaitkan apa yang dipelajari dengan realiti dunia pekerjaan
Ada graduan lepasan universiti dilihat gagal mempamerkan daya fikir yang logik dan rasional malah ada yang masih samar-samar apa haluan yang menjadi pilihan. Secara amnya, apa yang dipamerkan semasa temuduga akan menjadi tanda aras sejauh mana kualiti kerja jika berjaya dipilih.

It’s said that body language makes the biggest impact on the meaning of the message, followed by the tone of voice, and finally, by the words itself. This holds true particularly in the interview, where the first few minutes you spend with a potential employer can spell the success or failure of your application. If this were not so, employers would be hiring applicants merely on the strength of their resumes or test results. It’s thus vital to make a favorable first impression. To do that:

Be punctual.
You might as well kiss the job goodbye if you come in late for the interview, clothes drenched in sweat and hair sticking out in different places. Give extra time for traffic, parking, bad weather and slow elevators. However, if you’re 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule, don’t go straight to the reception lady to announce your presence-this might put undue pressure on the interviewer. Instead, catch your breath and freshen up in the restroom, or get some coffee at the cafeteria.

Dress neatly and appropriately.
Let the hiring manager see you in the job by dressing for the part. Pants, skirts and shirts should be pressed, while shoes should be shined. If not sure what attire is required for the interview, dress on the conservative side. If possible, call the company and ask.

Observe moderation.
Practicing restraint is a virtue when it comes to the interview. Too much of anything-no matter how good-can be distracting or annoying to the interviewer. So keep these in mind.

  • Use minimal makeup, jewelry and perfume.
  • Style your hair conservatively.
  • Avoid excessive body movement (hand gestures, nods, shrugs).
  • Stick to plain and simple polish.
Project rapport and confidence.
While it may seem unfair to be judged solely from that brief meeting, it’s a reality that 80% of hiring decisions are made on the candidate’s personality, and only 20% on skills. So project a hirable persona by following these guidelines:

  • Shake hands firmly. If your hands are wet, try running them under lukewarm water and drying them well.
  • Maintain eye contact. Experts suggest maintaining eye contact for no longer than 10 seconds to avoid staring. Be careful too to look him in the eye only. Don’t let your eyes roam on his balding pate or the big mole on his cheek, for instance.
  • Keep your back straight when standing or sitting. Move confidently. Sit slightly forward in your chair.
  • Ask questions. Don’t just nod and agree all the time! Delve deeper into what the interviewer is saying, or inquire about job-related details to move things along.
  • Listen carefully, look interested and speak clearly.
  • Be diplomatic. No negative statements or derogatory remarks about previous jobs, colleagues or employers.
Before the interview, work on your communication skills. Good grammar and coherent speech are compulsory. Listen to yourself when you speak-do you tend to ramble on, rush your words, or take overly long pauses? Talk to family members and friends, read aloud or practice in front of the mirror to become a better communicator.
Think positive and believe in yourself. If you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed, how can you convince a would-be employer to hire you?

by Regina Gozar-Posadas

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