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# My Info : Sepuluh Bandar Di Malaysia Yang Mempunyai Kelajuan Internet Paling Tinggi.

Top 10 Cities in Malaysia with the Fastest Broadband Speed Tests

Due to the advancement of technology, internet service providers are able to provide better broadband speeds to their clients and these broadband speeds are rapidly increasing. However, not all countries are able to provide their citizens with fast broadband speeds.

Ookla, the company, offers a broadband index that tabulates the results of millions of broadband speed tests done each day.  This is called Net Index.  It takes the average of the broadband speed tests over the past 30 days.  In this post, we’ve used that tool to identify which cities in Malaysia have the fastest broadband and also which cities in the world have the fastest broadband.

Note: by fastest broadband, we are referring to download speed, as opposed to upload speed. This number here was recorded on 26 August 2013.

The average broadband speed worldwide is 14.19 Mbps and Malaysia does lag behind by quite a bit. The average broadband speed in Malaysia is only 4.54 Mbps, which puts the country in the 114th position when it comes to broadband speeds available in different countries.

How Malaysian Cities Broadband Speeds Compare

Not surprisingly, the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, has an average broadband speed test above the national average, with an average speed of 5.99 Mbps. However, the small township in Malaysia known as Bandar Baru Bangi tested a sample broadband speed average of about 22.4 Mbps, allowing it to grab the top spot.

Here is a list of the top 10 regions or cities in Malaysia with the fastest average broadband speed tests. Again, this is measured in terms of download speeds:
  1. Bandar Baru Bangi – 22.4 Mbps
  2. Damansara – 7.36 Mbps
  3. Setapak – 6.96 Mbps
  4. Nilai – 6.83 Mbps
  5. Semenyih – 6.81 Mbps
  6. Simpang Ampat – 6.33 Mbps
  7. Kuala Lumpur – 5.99 Mbps
  8. Kajang – 5.87 Mbps
  9. Petaling Jaya – 5.86 Mbps
  10. Seberang Jaya – 5.52 Mbps
To put the Malaysian cities in to context, here is a list of the top 10 cities in the world with the fastest average broadband speed tests:
  1. Luxembourg – 120.87 Mbps
  2. Hong – 60.17 Mbps
  3. Japan – 40.73 Mbps
  4. South Korea – 39.76 Mbps
  5. Taiwan – 39.64 Mbps
  6. Netherlands – 39.00 Mbps
  7. Singapore – 38.83 Mbps
  8. Lithuania – 37.44 Mbps
  9. Sweden – 34.49 Mbps
  10. Macau – 33.05 Mbps

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