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# My Info : Kelajuan Broadband Internet Malaysia Yang Ke-112 Di Dunia

Malaysia Ranks 112 in the World for Fastest Broadband Speed Tests

Asia is home to some of the most technologically advanced countries and some of the fastest average broadband speed tests.  However, Malaysia lags behind a bit and ranks 112 in the world for fastest average broadband tests with an average broadband speed test of 4.56 Mbps.

We’ve used the website Net Index to identify where countries rank in terms of average broadband speed tests.  Ookla is behind this site Net Index and also the well known Net Index offers a broadband index that tabulates the results of millions of broadband speed tests done each day.  It takes the average of the broadband speed tests over the past 30 days.  Additionally, by fastest broadband, we are referring to download speed, as opposed to upload speed. The numbers in this post were recorded on 26 August 2013.

Even though Malaysia ranks around 112 with a speed of 4.56 Mbps, it has improved since last year. Also, Malaysia does rank higher than several other Asian countries like India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. Surprisingly, the United States ranks only 26th on the list with an average broadband speed of 18.73 Mbps, and the United Kingdom ranks a little higher with an average broadband speed of 22.28 Mbps. Australia ranks much lower at the 50th position, as it offers an average broadband speed of only 13.57 Mbps.

Here is a list of ranks and average broadband speed tests for countries in South East Asia:
  • Singapore: 39.90 Mbps / Ranking 7
  • Thailand: 12.47 Mbps / Ranking 54
  • Vietnam: 11.70 Mbps / Ranking 57
  • Brunei: 4.69 Mbps / Ranking 111
  • Malaysia: 4.56 Mbps / Ranking 112
  • Philippines: 4.55 Mbps / Ranking 114
  • Cambodia: 4.06 Mbps / Ranking 122
  • Laos: 3.83 Mbps / Ranking 125
  • Indonesia: 2.90 Mbps / Ranking 148
  • Myanmar: 2.79 Mbps / Ranking 154
For further context, here are some other Asian countries’ rankings and average broadband speed tests:
  • Hong Kong: 60.32 Mbps / Ranking 2
  • Japan: 41.19 Mbps / Ranking 3
  • South Korea: 39.75 Mbps / Ranking 4
  • Taiwan: 39.70 Mbps / Ranking 5
  • Macau: 33.03 Mbps / Ranking 11
  • China: 11.92 Mbps / Ranking 56
  • India: 3.93 Mbps / Ranking 138
As you can see, four Asian countries – Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan - feature in the top 5 fastest broadband speeds in the world.

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